Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buyer - er drinker - beware...Order & Sip at your own risk at the Yellow Dog Tavern

This was submitted by a reader & friend...

Had to print it - especially in this day and age when a dollar needs to go as far as it can.

So Bill and I and another friend headed to Yellow Dog Tavern at 700 S. Potomac tonight for what we hoped would be a new favorite spot. The food was good, although a bit pricey. We got the chicken gyro, southwest cobb, and muffaletta panini. All three were good enough that we decided we'd be back.

Then we got the bill. Never in my life have I wished that I was a food critic more than tonight! Our check was $125 - before tip! We had ordered Bacardi and Diet Cokes to drink. Our other friend had 3 Stella's.

The Bacardi and Diet's ended up being $12 each.

Between the two of us, we had 7.

That's $84 in drinks between 2 people! Absurd! I was shocked. I asked to speak to the owner and she said that she spoke to her server who said we ordered doubles.

Humm.mm.mm. well, seems to me there was a misunderstanding - we ordered them in a tall glass. . . so a tall glass is now a double . . . at $12 a piece?

Am I in New York? The owner said all she could do was give us 10% off - so, we'd get a gift card for $12.50. A gift card? It was a complete insult.

As pissed as I was over this "misunderstanding" and considering we paid for at least her purchase of four 1.75 liters of Bacardi , why couldn't she simply apologize for the "misunderstanding" and taken off the "doubles"? I would have been happy to pay for 7 Bacardi and Diet's - not 14 - I would not be walking out of her bar if I alone consumed 7 drinks in the two hours we were there - and certainly not capable of writing 30 minutes later!

The saddest part is, I would have gone back. But, not now.

Be careful if you ever go - order beer - stay away from all mixed cocktails unless you're looking to break the bank. It's a shame. Since we go out at least twice a week, we were really looking for a new place to go - and excited to have thought we found one. Where is customer service these days? I think it's lost in greed. Why don't people realize that a happy customer is worth more than a Bacardi & Diet ?

This isn't the first restaurant that has taken advantage of the unprinted cocktail price. If you’re looking for a blog piece, by all means – use this! I’m so angry, I want the world to know.

Janine (Janine is the owner of a very nifty place called Vircity - check it out by clicking here.) We must reinforce this is Janine's personal experience & doesn't necessarily reflect our views - however, we know Janine - and she's a smart cookie...this is why we thought we would share.

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