Monday, August 17, 2009

NEW EVENT coming up - September 24th 2009 Alizee Restaurant

As you know - there's a new "vibe" to the WW&D. We are mixing it up - not because we don't have fun the way things have been - but because we want to keep them that way.
Some of you have asked (often) for more of a dining club format - you've suggested we not always have a speaker and encouraged a focus on more of a dining experience, where you learn and experience fine food and wine. That's cool - we can roll that way - and I'm happy that our first fine wining & dining excursion (that's what we'll be calling these going forward) is at a new restaurant called Alizee.

Alizee occupies the space that used to be Spice Company, that used to be ("I can't remember this one), that used to be the notorious "Polo Grill". The new Chef in House (Christian de Lutis) comes from Dogwood Cafe...We're told the menu is moving from Asian/French to American Bistro with worldwide influences. In any event - we are getting quite a meal ladies. They also if you can't wait until September 24th - have fabulous happy hour deals & munchies. I encourage you to check it out by clicking here.

To give you some tasty tidbits...
Bubbles & a tour
followed by a four course gourmet meal paired with a selection of wines.
I can't tell you more than that for now - except the wines will be wonderful, there will be chocolate somewhere in there, and you will not go hungry.

As per your request - we are starting earlier - 6pm!
SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED - in order to ensure the finest dining experience possible.

There are no sponsor tickets available for this event - and your reservation is only confirmed if payment has been received. There are also no refunds and no menu substitutions.

We hope to see you. RESERVE HERE.

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